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Perry Hall High School 50th Anniversary "Salute to the Arts"

Saturday, December 14th at 7pm in the PHHS Auditorium


This event is an artistic, theatrical, and musical tribute to Perry Hall High School.  Featuring art installations and a concert, this is an opportunity for all 50 years of GATORS to gather together to celebrate how Perry Hall High's arts programs have impacted you, to reminisce about your time in Perry Hall High's arts programs, and to appreciate the newest generation of Perry Hall students as they perform for you!


For our Art alumni, we will create a gallery of art showcasing your very own works.  For our Theatre alumni, we want you to show off your talents by performing memorable vignettes or musical numbers from your years at the Hall.  For our Band, Chorus, and Orchestra alumni, you will have the opportunity to perform in a special alumni ensemble directed by our staff and guest conductors.


We hope these visual and aural backdrops provided by our current students and alumni will warm your heart and rekindle your GATOR PRIDE!  Please visit the REGISTRATION PAGE and sign-up for our exciting event!


Important Links:

  • Click here to register to participate in the concert
  • Click here to visit the Facebook event page for the concert
  • Click here to visit the Facebook group site for all 50th anniversary events



Contact information:

Art- Alumni art will be displayed for all guests to see.  To participate, please contact Lisa Giguere (lgiguere@bcps.org or 410-887-5108).


Band- Alumni band members will perform in an alumni ensemble.  Rehearsal times will be Saturday, December 14th from 1pm to 5:30pm in the auditorium.  Please register by clicking the link above and/or contact Scott Engel (sengel2@bcps.org or 410-887-5188) or contact Bryan Welker (bwelker@bcps.org or 410-887-5188).


Chorus- Alumni chorus members will perform in an alumni ensemble.  Rehearsal times will be Saturday, December 14th from 1pm to 5:30pm in the Chorus Room.  Please register by clicking the link above and/or contact Carol Dissmeyer (cdissmeyer@bcps.org or 410-887-5188).


Orchestra- Alumni chorus members will perform in an alumni ensemble.  Rehearsal times will be Saturday, December 14th from 1 to 5:30pm in the Band Room.  Please register by clicking the link above and/or contact John Pusateri (jpusateri@bcps.org or 410-887-5188).


Theatre- Alumni theatre members will perform dramatic selections at the event.  Auditions to participate are being held THIS WEDNESDAY Nov. 6th from 7-9pm at PHHS. Please prepare a song, 2 minutes in length to sing at the audition and bring the music to the audition.  A pianist will be provided to accompany you.  Please contact John Pusateri (jpusateri@bcps.org or 410-887-5188) to set up an audition.  If you cannot make this day and time please still contact Mr. Pusateri to work out a time!


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